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All the Way Home | 20' x 40' overall | 2x4s, wallpaper, fasteners | Installation view | The Rice Gallery, McDaniel College, Westminster, MD | 2013 | Details: Studio views

Ssshhhh…shhhh…do you hear? What is it they whisper? Home? Shhh…what did you say? The corners of the room? I lived there once, or did you? They whisper and tug and follow and shrug and shuffle and sneak and stray and fly…structure and strength…still…but not. Not now. Not anymore.

But, there it is again. Inside and out. Not gone, shifted. Here to there, you to me, curious, content, surprised…there it is again…wherever you go, there you are.

Growing up in a variety of places, moving many times, and being familiar with residential construction, this piece is a play on materials, words, and memories. Tripod sawhorses become rooms, mountains, and animals in procession, progression, a friendly community. Home travels with me. Inside and out. Within and without.

The other works (The Visit, The Visitors, Slide, Not in Kansas Anymore, and Not So Far) are variations on the meaning of home and ruminations about living in the Tidewater/Hampton Roads region of Virginia. Even after four years, I remain unaccustomed to the threat and damage seasonal hurricanes and frequent flooding cause and wonder at their increasing frequency. What roles do we play? What balance do we find between nature and the lives we build? What will the future bring?

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