Shadows | installation view (2009) | 30" x 16" each | Photographic series and short story | 2005 |

By the way his gaze fell upon me I could tell he was holding something back. I couldn't look at him directly. I just stared at his shoes, scuffed and brown, old and dirty compared to the neat cuffs at the bottom of his trousers.

It's funny how still some moments can beā€”that moment lasted all day, weeks even. Although I didn't look at his face, I could feel his expression weighing me down, pushing me into the corner, the warm nap of the carpet quickly turning to daggers in the sweating silence.

My palms burned, pressed against my face, holding taught the tightrope that was my voice. I would not speak first, but held my breath in an effort to contain myself and not disintegrate into the thickening air.

I dove into the darkness behind my eyes, becoming the shadow of myself. The deep velvet of it a surprise. I lounged there trying to get comfortable, but his presence pressed in on me. And so, still, silent, I receded from the darkness.

His shadow passed through mine as I stared at the place his shoes had been, and he was gone without a word one way or another. And I was left holding my breath in the twilight of that room.