[...] the space between | Exhibition installation view | Creative Space Gallery, Ithaca, NY | Nov 2015

A pause, a breath, the space between…between here and there, between you and me, between what is said and…


Between where we are and where we’re going… Life is in between. How do we fill those spaces? When do we reach out and when do we hold back? How do we find our place?


Home travels within and without.


Growing up in a variety of places, moving many times, and being familiar with residential construction, The Bergs are a play on materials, words, and the environment. The work ruminates on our relationships and collaborations with the manufactured and natural landscapes we inhabit. Even now, after years, I remain unaccustomed to the threat and damage seasonal hurricanes and frequent flooding cause and wonder at their increasing frequency. What roles do we play? What balance do we find between nature and the lives we build? What will the future bring for our personal bergs?


The Bergs are also humorous and anthropomorphic critters. Two reference childhood toys and may be pulled around. The others also hold cues to movement. Where would they go if they could?


The collages are in the space between- hopeful, melancholy, and quirky- the breath, the pregnant pause, the unsaid, the gap, the crevasse- between people, between communicating here and Out There. Reaching out, transmitting or receiving. Do we take a leap of faith and take a chance? What happens next?