SECAC 2020 Award for Teaching Excellence

posted on January 05, 2021
Naomi J. Falk received the SECAC 2020 Award for Teaching Excellence on Friday, December 11, 2020.

“Professor Falk’s career as an educator has been marked by interdisciplinarity, flexibility, and innovation. Her students are challenged to think about art in unconventional ways, incorporating traditional and new media, with social practice, activism, gender studies, history, and environmental science. The committee was especially impressed by Professor Falk’s extraordinary work, as studio classes have moved over the last nine months from face-to-face to remote modality. This effort is best demonstrated in the website she co-founded with several colleagues and one that attempts to answer the simple question so many of us have asked [from] the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic. That question: “What do we do now?” is a project share platform for reimagining and sharing what’s possible in the expanding universe of higher education in fine arts and design education. Real collaboration and service to her colleagues, as well as to her students, mark Professor Naomi Falk’s career as an educator and the committee is pleased to recognize her excellence in teaching.” - Lawrence Jenkens, SECAC President


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