(detail) Shift | 96” x 192” x 48” overall, variable | reclaimed jeans, wood pellets, twine, scoop, scissors, plywood | 2012

“Shift” is an expansion of “Verkja”. The title alludes to shift work, and a shift in mentality, mood, or direction, and water and islands and shifting landscapes, whether physical or emotional, personal or communal. Sand bags hold devastation at bay. Relief efforts, tragedy, and loss come to mind, along with making due, rebuilding, and hope. Using reclaimed and donated jeans for the bags makes this effort more personal. Each pair of these jeans belonged to someone, were worn until no longer useful, and then passed along. What in our lives do we shore up? What is worth saving? What should we let go? When do we do it ourselves? When do we ask for help? Participants were invited to fill a bag and add to or rearrange the sculpture as they saw fit.