(detail) Alterations (Catch-22) | 7 1/2” x 9 1/2” x 2 1/2” | book, correction tape | 2007 |

At the beginning of Joseph Heller’s satire, we find the main character, Yossarian, in the hospital faking an illness so he doesn’t have to risk his life flying more missions. He isn’t crazy because he doesn’t want to die, so is forced to continue flying. If he was crazy, he wouldn’t mind flying more missions, and would therefore be unfit for service—he’s stuck in a Catch-22. While he’s in the hospital, Yossarian is required to censor letters from the troops to their loved ones back home. He gets bored and starts playing- sometimes crossing out everything but Love, John, or taking out all the participles or pronouns. In honor of Heller and Yossarian, I decided to censor Catch-22, making it my own. Please see detail images for a selection of pages.